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Building Health offers a wide variety of different living and working space assessments. Most assessments can be conducted both on-site and online. Click on the assessment to get more information and to book your assesment.

EMF Exposure Assessments

EMF Assessment (on-site)

Measurements of electromagnetic fields in your living space.

EMF Assessment (online)

An assessment of your exposure to electromagnetic fields based on a video call.

Healthy Home Assessments

Healthy Home Assessment

An assessment conducted at your home to assess different aspects of your home that affect your health.

Healthy Home Assessment with EMF measurements

Healthy home assessment including measurements of electromagnetic fields.

Healthy Home Assessment (online)

A health assessment of your home based on a video call.



Healthy and ecological construction consulting that can be used both in design and construction phase of a building.

Healthy & Productive Office Assessments

Office Assessment (on-site)

Discover the things in your office and in the ways you work that don't support health and productivity.

Office Assessment with EMF measurements

Healthy and productive office assessment with electromagnetic field measurements.

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